Syuzi Hakobyan & Grigor Muradyan - INTER /Participatory Performance

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Public Performance - Suzanna Hakobyan and Grigor Muradyan


FB filter or Search Filter helps us find something we need more without spending extra time or resources.


According to the filtering theory, from the point of view of sociology, people develop relationships by applying a series of filters as sociodemographic characteristics such as physical proximity, education level, social class, religion, and other essential factors that people likely pay attention to because they create trust.


Other filters include attitudinal similarity and complementarity, whereby people tend to find others more attractive if they share the same core beliefs and values, such as views on the importance of career and family. Complementarity refers to the fact that each has some qualities that the other lacks and helps each other fulfil their desires, needs, and dreams.


Relationships change over time with the development of technology. Class differences, religion, and physical distance are no longer a problem for communication. In contrast to all this, physical contact and dialogue remain the most crucial sensory process, as a result of which something new is created.


Performance description

Milk is continuously agitated in a churn until it turns into buttermilk and butter, then put the butter on the bread and give it to the people along with the buttermilk.