Delreves: FINALE

ARé cultural foundation print


This is a classic dance piece that uses architecture as movement support. This work represents the final result of a research process after the complex adaptation of this discipline to a vertical plane and observing its possibilities. FINALE offers the spectator the possibility to enjoy classical dance in a new scenic space, Descontextualizándola, moving a ballet to a façade of the city or natural space. It plays famous classic pieces that the public will identify, gathering elements of the ballets "Swan Lake", "The Nutcracker" and "Giselle", among others.


DELREVES VERTICAL DANCE group come from different disciplines in the performing arts and find new ways to create and express in the vertical dance. Its main objective is to create a fusion between its different artistic languages; contemporary dance, digital arts, theatre and vertical dance, using architecture as support for the movement. Delreves explores physically to work on the new possibilities that vertical dance offers in a new and fresh way. They are not aerial, they are not acrobatics, it is a pure dance on the wall.