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Breathing Mask

This video performance was created in 2018, long before the corona crisis. The idea behind creating it was the concern of the artists about climate change and very bad air conditions in Asia and its coming implications in Europe. The impetus came from travelling to South Korea of two artists, who after decided to make a bitter satire about breathing masks. Climate change and the possibility of having to wear these masks in Europe as part of considerations. Anyway, while watching this performance, the laughter gets stuck in the throat of the audience. The promotion of these scaring masks via a buying channel should make both the horror of air pollution, the absurdity of various buying channels and consumerism of society.



Michael Baumann (Visual Artist);

Alessandro De Matteis (Photographer and Videographer);

Lisa Freudenthal (Choreographer, Dancer and Performer);

Marianne Lindow (Fine Art Artist);

Lea Pischke (Choreographer, Dancer)