Alexis Paul - THE FLYING SALON /Music Performance

ARé cultural foundation print

Alexis Paul is a French composer, musician, and cultural player. His work is determined by a homogeneous form of poetic intentions. It focuses more particularly on music as a “tool”, and his main project revolves around using a street organ, through which he has collaborated in many countries with traditional singers as well as all kinds of sound artists. His compositions and productions, between folk and contemporary music, lead him to perform in national museums, art foundations and contemporary music venues.

Since 2014, with a contemporary approach merging travel, composition and various collaborations, Alexis Paul has explored and revived the imaginary of the street organ and, more widely, that of popular cultures. His last works include Disornaments (2021 -2022), a sonic journey across Armenian and Palestinian embroidery, the Artistic Direction of Voci dal Mondo Reale (2022) and various solo performances (2022-2023).