Here and Now - performance/workshop for children

ARé cultural foundation print

A mix of workshop and performance with children in an open space. There will be no strict borders between the workshop and the performance. The general approach with children is to hold a more loose less guided workshop. In my vision, children should experiment and try-out things/situations. Specifically, the final presentation should be a performance created by the children and not by the artist/workshop instructor. I want to avoid a school and class-like situation. Therefore Here and Now will be conducted in a much more improvised style. The children will have the possibility of talking and discussing each step.

Participants engage in physical movements and actions, changing roles, decision-making, exchange of ideas and interrogating performativity. Sculptural and textile materials will be introduced as working tools for creating communal body configurations. Both groups will use the same materials such as rope, plastic folie, blankets, chairs/stools.

The fundamental aim of the workshop and performance is to give the idea/experience that alleged „failures“ can turn into their opposite and can be perceived as strengths. Nobody stands alone with her/his failure, through collaboration you might overcome the failure and nobody should be excluded from the group (society) because of their „failure“.