Unfolding-Unwrapped (workshop & performance)

ARé cultural foundation print

April 2 is celebrated around the world as World Autism Awareness Day, which usually marks the start of Autism Awareness Month. Among the events of this year will be a workshop in cooperation with the students of the ARE Festival of Performing Arts և "My Way" educational and rehabilitation centre.

The workshop will be carried out  Johannes Gerard - a German artist, whose artistic interests are based on Social Sculpture principles. Social Sculpture performances/workshops include human activity that strives to structure and shape society or the environment. The central idea of a social sculptor (participant) is a person/artist who creates structures in society using language, thoughts, actions, and objects. The principles of Social Sculpture revolve around four main axes: body awareness, spatial awareness, creative awareness and social collaboration.

A 2 days (2x3 hours) long workshop including a final performance (app 30 min) in a public space conducted by the workshop participants. The performance is a summary of the workshop activities and exercises.

This will be a guided and structured workshop with short discussion/talks after each section. During the performance, the performers will integrate the audience into the performance.